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^jt^^^a^XJj: ^M&hU.iUwfc£A>ttShVA. 


- . (' V 





COPY 110 












1. Title of monograph and date: 

2. Monograph recommended by: 

3. Monograph approved by: 

4. Purpose of monograph: 

"American Hazi Party, " 
June, 1965. 

r. W. Smith 

Mr. Tolson 

To give an accurate and 
complete picture of this 
organization and its leader. 

5. Monograph is not part of a series. 

■ 6. Monograph wlU have current value as a reference work after a lapse of 
six months or a year. 

- p 

f ) 




June, 1965 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 
United States Department of Justice 
John Edgar Hoover, Director 


65 E 









| A. Personal Background 

1. Birth 

2. Education 

3. Service Record 2 

4. Marital Status 4 

5. Employment 5 

B. Development of Extremist Views 5 


A. Origin and History 10 

1. Founding 10 

2. Use of Name "American Nazi Party 1 * . . . ... 11 

B. International Aspects . 12 

1. General 12 

2. England 'i 12 

3. Canada 13 

4. West Germany 14 

5. Other Attempts at International Prominence ... 14 

6. Issuance of Passport to Rockwell 15 

C. Objectives 15 

1. Election to Political Office 15 

2. Liquidation of Jews 16 

3. Resettlement of Negroes 17 

4. Phases of Struggle for Power 18 



D. Propaganda and Publicity 








Literature . . 

a. General. 1Q 

b. Types and Content J» 

c. Distribution 
Demonstrations . 

a. Picketing 



Picketing "- 

Counterdemonstrations *Z 

Public Meetings and Speeches . . 23 

Campus Appearances *4 

Stunts f 

Disruptive Tactics *° 

Songs and Records *0 

Publicity * u 


E. Membership 


1. Size 'J 

2.. Types Attracted *^ 

3. . Reasons for Joining 

4. Teen-agers 

5. Women 


F. Organization 


1. National Headquarters |J 

2. National and State Off icers 3° 

3. Nationwide Units . J° 

a. General *° 

b. California 39 

(1) San Francisco Area ...... 39 

(2) Glendale 40 

c. Illinois . f* 

d. Texas *J 

4. Military Character ** 

a. General ** 

b. Ranks and Uniforms 42 


i tri-r^.U. l -tWh,^K^ l 

! i (? 

• Page 

c. Training *& 

d. Discipline . . '. .--. . . * ** 

e. Assignments and Transfers 45 

. f. Medals and Honors • • • ♦ *J 

• 5. Ritual ..... ... • *J 

| a. Salutes and Secrecy • • « 

i b. Initiation Marking ............. 46 

c. Oaths *6 

d. Greeting f* 

e. Observance of Hitler's Birthday 48 

f . Flag and Swastika 49 

G. Finances 

1. General f 

2. Dues 

3. Solicitations 51 

4. Contributions 52 

5. Sale of Literature 53 

6. Use of Front Group 54 

H. Front Organizations • ;.., 54 

1. General J4 

*2. Fighting American Nationalists . 55 

3. White Youth Corps . .., 57 

4. United White Christians Majority 58 

I. Splinter Groups 58 

1. American National Party 59 

2. United States Nationalist Party 59 

3. White Party of America 60 

J. Contact with Other Extremist Groups 60 

1. General 60 

. ; f. ..\.--,.. ■» iTi'jr Irtli ^•^^^^rr'*''*^-*--*'***-''^** 3 --**^ 

2. Klan Organizations .. . . • 61 

3, Ration of Islam . 62 

K. Antipathy toward Right Wing '. 63 


c ■ 




For more than six years, George Lincoln Rockwell and his 
American Nazi Party, with an illusory organizational substance and a 
national membership of social misfits numbering less than 100, have 
flaunted the swastika in the face of the American people. Calling his 
party a "political" party, Rockwell aims for election to the governorship 
of Virginia by 1966, and the Presidency of the United States by 1972. Once 
the Presidency is attained, the American Nazi Party plans to exterminate 
all "treasonous Jews" through methods used by Hitler's Nazis, banish all 
American Negroes to Africa, and amend the Constitution of the United States 
to conform to Nazi whims. 

Behind the masks of patriotism, anticommunism, and Aryan 
supremacy, Rockwell is dedicated to creating a climate of religious and 
racial hatred against the main targets of his venom— the Jews and Negroes 
in the United States. Nazi literature, emanating from a printing press in 
the ramshackle headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, is replete with an 
insulting and savage sense of humor depriving its victims of all semblance 
of dignity. 

Although Rockwell claims that he and his troopers never engage 
in violence except in self-defense, the garish and theatrical demonstrations 





VS'»- *-,-> '--•- ^A-"-^.r- : ^Jrrf.'i 


*l <r- 


staged by this group are intended deliberately to provoke breaches 
of the peace and riotous action. 

George Lincoln Rockwell is an egocentric and a chronic 
failure who created the shabby, small-time enterprise which he 
named the American Nazi Party in order to abate his tormenting 
ambitions to achieve fame. Carrying the war-tattered banner of a 
vanquished enemy the world would like to forget, Rockwell leads 
his heterogeneous "army" against an imaginary "Zionist conspiracy." 
Distasteful costumes, contemptible slogans, and disruptive tactics 
have brought national attention to Rockwell, inflating him and his 
group far beyond their due. 

Although inordinate publicity has made Rockwell and his - 
American Nazi Party into national nuisances, the pseudomilitary 
nature of the group, the fanatic and psychotic f ollowing, and the 
presence of firearms in Party headquarters all indicate that this is a 
potentially dangerous organization. 


- ii 


■ ' ■ . ■'■».-* • ^*v i ^,,-**>s>vv 

I 5 


IN 72 

George Lincoln Rockwell 

Xze&r -Cfl? AMlUBfe 



A. Personal Background 

1. Birth 

On March 9, 1918, according to George Lincoln Rockwell in his 
autobiography, "This Time the World, " the "greatest marathon race of 
human history was launched, " for it was on that date that George Lincoln 
Rockwell was born in Bloomington, Illinois. He was one of three children 
of Claire Schade — whose father was German — and George Lovejoy Rockwell, 
who, as "Doc" Rockwell, attained some renown as a stage and radio comedian 
in the 1920s and 1930s. 

By the time Rockwell was six years old, his parents were 
divorced. Thereafter, he spent half of his time with a "tyrannical" aunt 
i and the other half with his father and "his common -law wife" in Maine. 

2. Education 

Rockwell completed four years of high school in Atlantic City, 
New Jersey, but failed to graduate because of what he described as his 
one-man "strike" against a teacher. He attended Central High School in 
Providence, Rhode Island, where he repeated his senior year and was 
graduated. He next attended Hebron Academy near Lewiston, Maine. In 
the Fall of 1938, he was admitted to Brown University in Providence, 
Rhode Island. 



• * ' n '^-*--^ 


As Rockwell writes, It was the Director of Admissions at Brown 
who gave him the first clue that he "might be different from other people. " 
Rockwell was told that he had the worst scholastic record of any one ever 
admitted to the university but also had attained the highest grade ever 
given on the college aptitude test. Rockwell attended Brown University 
until March 20, 1941, when he officially withdrew. In his last semester 


he had begun to major in philosophy. He received no degrees. From 

approximately 1947 to 1949, he studied art under the GI Bill of Rights 

at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. 

3. Service Record 

On March 15, 1941, Rockwell enlisted as an aviation cadet in 
the United States Naval Reserve (USNR). Upon completion of flight 
training in March, 1942, he was commissioned an Ensign, USNR; During 
his naval service, he served aboard the U. S. S. "Omaha, " U .S.S. "Wasp , " 
and U. S. S. "Mobile" in the Atlantic aKd Pacific theaters. By 1945, when 
he returned to civilian life, he had risen to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. 

During the Korean War, he was recalled to active duty in 1950 
as a Lieutenant Commander and served in a training capacity at the 
Naval Air Base in Coronado, California, until 1952, when he was attached 
to Fleet Aircraft Service Squadron 107. During this assignment, he 
served in Iceland and attained the rank of Commander. He was released 

- 2- 




from active duty October 20, 1954. While in an inactive duty status, he was 
associated with the Naval Air Reserve Training Unit until 1957. 

On February 1, 1960, a personal hearing before a Board of 
Officers was granted to Rockwell in order that he could present a statement 
answering specific charges contained in a recommendation to the Secretary 
of the Navy that he be discharged from the Naval Reserve. The basis for 
the action was his association with Nazi-type organizations; his espousal 
of race and religious hatred; his improper use of his rank and status in the 
Naval Reserve to foster hatred; and, his disregard of existing naval rules 
requiring permission to depart from the United States. Rockwell had made 
a trip to Iceland in 1959 to effect a reconciliation with his second wife. 
In defense, Rockwell read a prepared statement in which he 
expressed hope to "convince the members of this Board that it would not 
only NOT be in the best interest of the Navy and the Country to dismiss me 
from the Service, but that my retention in the face of the organized pressure 
lder< [ on the Navy Department will be a great and historic service to our American 
Republic and our beleaguered people. " Rockwell had 6, 000 copies of this 
statement prepared for "distribution. " The decision of the Board ordered 
that Rockwell be discharged from the USNR under honorable conditions. 

- 3 


4. Marital Status 

Rockwell has been married twice. On April 24, 1943, he was 
married to Judith Aultmann in Barrington, Rhode Island. Three children 
were born of this marriage, which ended in divorce in 1953. On 
October 3, 1953, during his assignment in Iceland, Rockwell married 
Thora Hallgrimmson, niece of the then Icelandic Ambassador to the 
United States. On their honeymoon, Rockwell and his bride visited 
Adolf Hitler's former retreat at Berchtesgaden, Germany. After eight 
years of a very trying existence, Rockwell's second wife returned to 
Iceland with the three children born of their marriage. She divorced 
him on October 15, 1961. 

In January, 1960, Judith Aultmann Rockwell brought suit . 
against Rockwell asking support payments for her three children. In 
February, 1960, he was ordered by the Domestic Relations Court of 
Arlington, Virginia, to pay $80 a month for three months with the amount 
gradually increasing to $200 a month by January, 1961. During this 
hearing, it was brought out that Rockwell had no funds of his own and 
that he depended for support upon his organization. He told the Court 
that he expected more money as his organization grew. 



-/^.j.:.:.^ *x>i* 

j < ^ . ayk i ' i *^ MJi i^ ^: ^ A ^^ft;r . ;-^ ..i. -' i - : ^a ; 1 I t j 'A i ^> l ^ - 

5. Employment 
From 1945 until he was recalled to active duty In the United States 
Naval Reserve, Rockwell, utilizing his artistic talent and training, 
attempted to make an adequate living for his first wife and family. Through- 
out the Summers of 1946 and 1947, he ran a commercial art shop in 
Boothbay Harbor, Maine. About 1949, he and several associates formed an 
advertising company in Portland, Maine, which he later sold. He held a 
variety of positions in the advertising and public relations fields. During 
these years, he established the Rockwell Publishing Company, Incorporated, 
j in Portland, Maine, and did public relations work for the Maine State 
l Chamber of Commerce. In 1950, he was recalled to active naval duty and 

! stationed in California. 

} .•••'•"''■'■ 

■ Up to this point, Rockwell claims to have had no explicit political 

ambitions. He had rebelled against the "liberalism" he had found in his 

educational experience at Brown University and Pratt Institute, but it did 

not stimulate him to counteraction. 

? B. Development of Extremist Views 

i During his assignment in California, Rockwell indicates that he 

became intensely interested in the careers of Senator Joseph McCarthy and 
General Douglas MacArthur and was appalled at their treatment by the press. 

- 5 



It was, he states, at this point in his life that he was introduced to 
what he suspected as being the strength and determination of the Jews 
to deliberately slant the news. 

To corroborate this newly discovered knowledge, Rockwell 
says he did further research at the San Diego Public Library and 
found there irrefutable, documentary evidence that "communism is 
Judaism." He awakened, so he writes, from "thirty years of stupid 
political sleep. " The more research he did, the more he became 
convinced of an "international Jewish conspiracy" to destroy the 
civilization of the gentiles and "quietly conquer and subdue the world 
under the bloody, old-testament despotism of the 'King of Zion. '" On 
one of his ventures into San Diego bookshops, he found a copy of 
Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" and "that was the end of one Lincoln 
Rockwell, the 'nice guy,'— the dumb 'Goy;--andthe beginning of an 
entirely different person. " 

Imbued with the ideology of Hitler's National Socialism and 
filled with a desire to save the world from a "Jewish -Communist -Zionist 
conspiracy," Rockwell decided that his future lay in the political arena. 
But, a new wife and family, plus demands for alimony from his first 
wife, necessitated financial resources. 

- 6- 


■■■■*- *E,-*1 --f* ■■■-— ^-^— 'j ;,7 , ' M ' 1 1 1 p| ,; 

,. 1 .j 1 i.'a^ i ;^»t- 

( T 



Upon release from the service in October, 1954, his first 
unsuccessful venture was the founding of a magazine for servicemen's 
wives called "U. S. Lady." Because of what he called a conspiracy on the 
part of his co-workers, he was forced to sell his interest in the magazine. 
ft was actually his intent to use the magazine as a political organ which led 
to an unsympathetic reaction on the part of his co-workers. 

After sporadic employment, Rockwell began a serious effort to 
force his way into the conservative right wing. But, he writes, he found the 
conservatives to be the "world's champion ostriches, muttering to each other 
down under the sand in 'secret,' while their plumed bottoms wave in the 
breezes for the Jews to kick at their leisure. " Broke and rejected as a 
leader by his right-wing contacts, he was forced again to seek employment. 

From 1955 to 1958, Rockwell worked for various right-wing 
individuals. Robert Snowden, organizer of the Americansfor Constitutional 
Action, employed Rockwell as an organizer in 1955. Convinced of 
Rockwell's fanaticism and disgusted with his insubordination, Snowden fired 
him in September, 1956. 

In 1956, Rockwell did editorial work for Russell Maguire, former 
publisher of the "American Mercury" magazine. During this period, Rockwell 
met DeWest Hooker, a wealthy American with unrestrained pro-Nazi 
leanings who had drawn together potential Juvenile delinquents and formed 

- 7- 




the Rationalist Youth League in New York City. The plans of Rockwell 
and Hooker to establish a Nazi party on the American political scene 
tailed to materialize, and Hooker returned to the business world and 
eventually took up residence in Baly. 

In early 1958, Rockwell, dressed in his Naval Commander's uniform, 
went to Newport News, Virginia, to the home of William Scott Stephenson, 
the editor of a prosegregation magazine called 'The Virginian. « He applied 
for employment and presented samples of his writings and art work. 
Stephenson bought a number of caricatures, but when he learned of Rockwell's 
pro-Nazi leanings he severed relations. At this time, Rockwell reportedly 
. did some free-lance propaganda writing for the white supremacist group calling 
itself the National States Rights Party, but he was not employed full time 
because his monthly financial needs exceeded what this group could afford to pay. 

Rockwell states he was determined to set up a program which 
was, in essence, Nazi, but, like some other neofascist groups, he at first 
tried to disguise it. "Remembering that tiie "ultimate smear of the Jews" 
was "you're a Nazi, » he decided to be an "OPEN, ARROGANT, ALL-OUT 
NAZI, not a sneaky Nazi... with the swastika, storm-troops, and open 
declarations of. . . intentions to gas the Jew- traitors. 

Through Stephenson, Rockwell met one Harold Noel Arrowsmith, Jr. ,| 
a rabidly anti-Semitic multimillionaire from Baltimore, Maryland, who j 

had been residing in Mainz, Germany. Arrowsmith' s association with 
Stephenson had disintegrated, and he saw in Rockwell a welcome means 

- 8- 




( » 


of airing his obsessive hatred for the Jewish people. On May 10, 1958, 
Rockwell and his long -searched -for financial "angel" left Newport News 

m , I By now, Rockwell was known as a violent anti-Semite. From 

a residence at 6512 Williamsburg Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia, 
purchased by Arrowsmith, Rockwell began to print and disseminate his 
hate propaganda ascribed to the "National Committee to Free America 

' s | from Jewish Domination. " But, by September, 1958, he and Arrowsmith 
had fallen out, and Arrowsmith had instituted court action for Rockwell's 

^°i \ eviction from the premises and for the return of printing equipment. 

In 1959, Rockwell founded the parent organization to the 
American Nazi Party. 



•:' V 


* . " . ■ /; 
A. Origin and History 

1. Founding 
The American Nazi Party has been variously referred to as 
the World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists (WUFENS), the 
American Nazi Party (ANP), and the George Lincoln Rockwell Party. 
WUFENS was organized in February, 1959, at a meeting at 
Rockwell's residence in Arlington, Virginia, attended by six persons, 
i supposedly the leadership corps of the organization. The following 

month, WUFENS printed a program with an introduction by Lincoln 
; Rockwell. In his introduction, Rockwell claimed that "Jewish 

i Bolshevism" had grown into an «arth-conqueringmonster which could 

[ be overcome only by a unified, world-wide effort to free humanity 

* from Jewish domination and subversion. 

* The program listed seven immutable principles characterized 
$ as "fundamental, absolute and timeless Truth": 

t "1. ... an honest man can never be happy in a 

I naked scramble for material gain and comfort. . . 

| »2. . . . society can function successfully. . . only 

as an ORGANISM. . . 

"3. . . . man makes a genuine progress only when 
he approaches Nature humbly and applies her 
eternal laws. . . 

- 10- 


Upper Left, Outside ANP Headquarters. Upper Right, Commander Rockwell. 
Lower, ANP Storm Troopers On The March In Washington, D. C. 

yegir'wff wMLfi&G- 

IT" ~ > 

o • .p 

"4. . ♦ • struggle is the vital element of all 
evolutionary progress and the very 
essence of life..* 

"5. . . • no man is entitled to the services 
and products of the labor of his fellow 
man, unless he contributes at least an 
EQUAL amount of goods or services of 
his own production or invention. . . 

"6. . . • it is to the advantage of society to see 
that every honest man has freedom and 
opportunity to achieve his maximum 
potentials. . . 

"7. . . .Adolf Hitler was the gift of an inscrutable 
Providence to a world on the brink of 
Jewish -Bolshevik catastrophe. . . " 

2. Use of Name "American Nazi Party" 

Early in 1960, Rockwell began referring to his group as the 

American Nazi Party of the World Union of Free Enterprise National 

Socialists. Several months later, he started using the name American 

Nazi Party alone. ? 

In 1962, the General Assembly of the State of Virginia cancelled 

the charter of the American Nazi Party and forbade the State Corporation 

Commission to issue another containing the term "Nazi" or "National 

Socialists." Accordingly, Rockwell renamed his organization the 

George Lincoln Rockwell Party, and a charter was issued on September 20, 

1962. However, Rockwell and the news media still refer to it as the 

American Nazi Party. 

- 11 - 




B. International Aspects j 

1. General » 

When WUFENS was formed, Rockwell announced that it would 
be an international movement but that the section of the organization 
in the United States would be known as the American Party of WUFENS. 
In November, 1964, Rockwell, with typical egotism, stated, "I'm head 
of the World Union of National Socialists which I established in London 
two or three years ago. We now have units in most western countries, 
and some of the countries behind the Iron Curtain. " 

The ANP's international ramifications have been mainly limited 
to correspondence with persons of similar views in numerous countries 
throughout the world - England, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, 
Denmark, Norway, Australia, Austria, Iceland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, 
Japan, and several South American countries, particularly Argentina. 
As head of the ANP, Rockwell has visited two of these countries - 

England and Canada. 

2. England 
In August, 1962, Rockwell was present at a camp meeting 
in Gloucestershire, England, attended by delegates from various 
National Socialist groups throughout the world. Shortly thereafter, he 
was deported from England because his presence was "not for the public 

- 12- 




good. " Upon his return to the United States, he published the so-called 
"Cotswold Agreements, M describing the formation of a new international 
Nazi movement of which he intended to be the head. 

Rockwell privately admitted that such a movement was, in fact, 
not formed and this statement was inserted into the documents only in the 
hope that it would harass people of the Jewish faith. Actually, the assertion 
was made to enhance his own importance. Rockwell informed American 
authorities in October, 1962, that if an international organization of this 
type was actually formed with headquarters in the United States, he would 
register in accordance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act. 

During the Summer of 1964, the secretary of the western division 
of the ANP was maintaining contact with members of the British National 
Socialist movement and forwarding them copies of local ANP newsletters 
and publications. 

3. Canada 

Although Canadian officials have banned Rockwell's entry into 

Canada, he has twice managed to slip across the border. The last time was 

in November, 1964, when he went there to fulfill a speaking engagement — 

later cancelled — at the University of British Columbia. Rockwell claimed 

to have been disguised as a bearded rabbi when be crossed the border, 

although this was later discounted and considered to be merely a move for 


- 13- 






In March, 1964, * small group of Vancouver Island,- British Columbia^ 
Canada, students reportedly formed a branch of the ANP and posted j 

swastikas, hate slogans, and anti- Jewish propaganda on bulletin boards. » 

However, these students appear to have been impressionable juveniles, 
and there is no indication that a branch of the ANP exists in Canada. 
. . 4. West Germany 

Several years ago, West Germany banned the importation of 
Nazi artifacts and trappings from Nazi movements, particularly from 
Rockwell's group in the United States. The West German Government 
has expressed concern with the importation of Nazi propaganda, especially 

from the United States. 

5. Other Attempts at International Prominence 
As further evidence of Rockwell's attempts to project himself 
onto the international scene, he has written letters to world- famous 
individuals. In February, 1959, RockWell directed a letter to 
United Arab Republic President Gamel Abdel Nasser complaining about 
the treatment he, Rockwell, was accorded by Nasser's "representatives" 

in the United States. 

In March, 1964, Rockwell directed a letter to then Soviet 
Premier Nikita Khrushchev in which he submitted questions dealing 
► with the attitude of the Soviet Union regarding racial issues. He 

l -U- 


( r > 

ibia, ended his letter by stating: "I consider you a mortal enemy, but I am not 

ashamed to admit I respect your guts, directness and dedication* " 

6. Issuance of Passport to Rockwell 

In September, 1964, Rockwell was issued a passport by the 
State Department valid for three years 1 travel to all countries except 
Albania, Cuba, and those portions of China, Korea, and Vietnam under 
communist control. In filling out his application, Rockwell indicated a 
proposed 90 -day trip to Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Spain, Portugal, 
Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. There is, however, no indication that he 
has visited any of these countries* 
C. Objectives 

1. Election to Political Office 

The ANP pretends to be a legitimate political party, and 

Rockwell's ultimate objective is the Presidency of the United States. The 


first step is the governorship of Virginia which Rockwell predicts he will 
attain by election in 1966. He forecasts that former Senator Barry Goldwater 
will be elected President in 1968 as a reaction against President Johnson 
but will betray the American people by causing a depression and race 
wars. As a result, Rockwell theorizes, people will ralfy to Rockwell: "I 
will not have a mass organization until there is an economic catastrophe. 

- 15- 



Not until the people are poor. You can't make a revolutionary out of a 
guy with two cars and an electric lawn mower and a fur toilet seat. " 

Until that day, Rockwell intends to continue training his 
small but "elite counter-revolutionary officers corps. •' By 1972, he 
claims that the ANP will be strong enough to take advantage of the 
chaos by legal means and take over the Government. 

When he becomes President -~ and he speaks of it as a 
certainty -- Rockwell intends to draw up amendments to the Constitution 
which will, among other things, establish a National Eugenics 
Commission to encourage selective breeding; confer United States 
citizenship at the age of 18 instead of its being given automatically at 
birth; abolish the ff Marxist tf United Nations; establish a National 
Economic Integrity Commission to eliminate speculation; establish a 
National Free Opinion Network of Newspapers , Television, Radio, 
Books, and Magazines to insure real freedom of the press; and, 
reform teen-age criminals by placing them in paramilitary volunteer 
Police Youth Auxiliaries to patrol America's crime-ridden streets. 

2. Liquidation of Jews 

In Rockwell's own words, one of the principal objectives of 
his party is to "provide a forceful yet legal opposition to the 
Communist Party and race -mixing. " Although he claims that his party 





X\vMiait> ri£&i2»- 

is not totally anti-Semitic and is opposed only to 'treasonous" Jews, he 
openly states that about 95 per cent of the Jews in America are guilty of 
treason. Over a door in the headquarters of the Party, hangs a sign which 
reads: "The Jews Are Through in 72. " 

When the ANP takes over the United States Government in 1972, 
its program calls for: 

(1) Execution of all Jews proved to have taken part 
in Marxist or Zionist plots of treason. 

(2) Removal of all disloyal Jews from positions where 
they can control non -Jewish thoughts or actions, 
particularly from the press, government, 
education, entertainment, and courts. 

(3) Establishment of an International Treason Tribunal 
to investigate, try, and publicly hang, in front of 
the United States Capitol, all non -Jews who are 
convicted of having consciously acted as fronts for 
Jewish treason or subversion or have violated their 
oaths of office or participated in any form of treason 
against their nations or humanity. 

3. Resettlement of Negroes 

The ANP regards Negroes as "second class citizens. " When 

the Party is in power, it plans to transport them to Africa by first 

appropriating ten billion dollars a year for five years to build a modern 

industrial nation in Africa complete with shopping centers, cities, airlines, 

and all modern conveniences to attract them. It will then grant $10,000 to 

every Negro family of five or more migrating to the new country to help 




them build a home and establish a business. According to Rockwell's 
plans, no Negro will be "FORCED" to return to Africa, but all those 
remaining in America will be rigidly segregated noncitizens. 

4. Phases of Struggle for Power 

Rockwell has indicated that the ANP's struggle for power 
involves five phases: (1) to make itself known to the masses; (2) to 
disseminate and clarify its program; (3) to organize the people who 
have been converted to its propaganda; (4) to attain power legally 
through the votes of the newly won masses; and, (5) to sweep the 
"traitors'' out of office and into the gas chambers. 

According to Rockwell, phase one has been successfully 
completed, as he is now "known all over the world. " Phase two is in 
the process of completion. As soon as Rockwell starts campaigning 
for governor of Virginia in 1966, phase three will begin. 
D. Propaganda and Publicity f 

1. Literature 
a. General 

The hate propaganda disseminated by the ANP is as vicious, 
repulsive, and unrestrained as any on the American scene today. The 
illustrated and written material— often created by Rockwell and 

- 18- 


■ ■ J .v ,; - . n> , w; ..> J fato . 

( ! 




You Too Can 

Be A Jew ! 

it's tas/f /r? Ft/*/ tMsuar m mm rvusf 

farm*** amirm* »00t* i 

mrwmmmr muc* jrmt. -m*0 r*mwnf 4Mtr.'Mcstmr mi nif/ 
mmrmmm mnm ne mwwu * t ji 00t*mmmrmmmm-$mmm%#OW/ 

hM* *Mm ■* •*« yfc—t iWmiwi, Mi Mr* 

C» MM* af Cfcrtatu** «liNrtnM< «•»»... 
M i ■ ■ > I |i •> *i»w *wm* aWi *• Mjaar* 

Mi i«*» M»a IW M >m apacMJ ft* tWi Hn 

M*Am*«. . Mmm *» wrw »f«MM *M » wm* 

■fci iiilii I. *•**•* ii im Mi >■— ■> *~* * ™" " T"* . ;i!T: * * * ' * * * 


MMW few*. *••> HIlMfHI •«•** 

MM IMmWMvoinMmmmii 
Mt » Mt fo» af CWilm . . JM»*»»M* Ml- 
M MMM* »Mi «M «HhM Mt Ih fa* 

« ■»■!»*« »■« Willi * !**■« • MU. M.f *Mft 

• m at mUki* «Mwto«lktitlM<M 

MM for J«a f w — !■ «Wta aMMfMj W M 
»'M<IMMM'. . Jfo» » IUM •Hitter 
Ml flM aMat* tab***) M UUa« M> WIUI— «f 

i»M>t>nWM. . JM» la Mm7#tm - 

iHMhM hM 

•■ fca t M^fcqsre » , gg£ 

»W t MM. tmt |N*i« «■ #• fa* »U1 
IM* M»M MB • f»fJ J— ■ 

*• £uMjjMMf It* *a*«M}*fola M>«M 

ttftjMkteMwl. tor IiiWmm ftraawr Jaw 

MilUMttWtrt CkrMUM Mtf for 

MM) MM •» M MM MM *f MMlm 


C foJrrr . for pMrocM* M*ci 
*r#MrII-M— m»»" «9M( 

*• ftUT*,f nttr rty ttrff t »/— ** 

mi «r *M» Kpir-tMl mmm for MM 


|t «* Ml for* MMMK fofo 

iBAMjBfjMM^LMi. for kMfMt m> 
mmT-mmmi mm> Mn). Crwaa ••* 
MMM Mf*«tfoM for MM) tM MM 
MM if CaMMMM M MM kl*.Mt 
MM O «f WttMUM. M Ml rffolfo. 

Wmi •* Wa«m, rW. f*lM». «MM *r 


MflMMM4M1><M: •— 

»«t»»»» *»atm • •rilirf M(far. »fb 
•a * ft**** mmI, *•' pmmt m$ m cm>»c» mmm. 

tM*. mi »m Mr. M (Mi r»* Mkil*«r> 
Mr rum foi M»»'i ms.m' mVi u> M 
• *•• Ak MM^I Mtf tor Mftk M*>iifk,*W 
•nr M to M M« ml mm mmmm. >h» r**m. Am 
MM M Md UM • r*|V* !•• M? MM* Mr fo»» 

t Mt M I M M< Ml|M, MlMb- 
MT Mt. t MM n Mir*. WMM I IMNHf 

fo. VMM Hniaal. •*>» »«*fo for m*. UM 

MMM.' >«MfM«M.M«IfoMatM»f WMM«*tr« 

ml iMMtM Ml IMM MMM MaMl, •••» foM 

A* aw mt M* Mi T U M m*m M *n mj m m •*«• afoMt It MM am Smm. 

M iMl, MM* *« MM M MM* for «U 

tfafojaar. TmIMwimJmWmimWm 


bllfo MaMffoft. IafoMMM*« 

• MMM, "MM iMMl *M. Ml OH Oil 

trtf 7W stow/wviiw'!6 nMirrT*tMa7VZW! 
skoal omx to jtwsi.. fyj!7/»^r»»I^M 

fijfe ***** Atom COtKX mtmnMturn^' 

mius,*r»M»mttmuKit |jS2« 

tmrnffxam tvmv. 1 2S?1X 

I.B.C.. Wl»tl.lMlM|t I 


Examples Of Typical ANP "Humor" 


j-.-k-ttf^v, •-■s.ifeai 

printed on a printing press kept at Party headquarters --contains macabre 

insults and a brutal humor deliberately designed to denude the Negro and 

Jewish people of human dignity. 

b. Types and Content 

Leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, throwaways, stickers, and 

other types of easily disseminated "messages" are the more common types 
of ANP propaganda. One repugnant pamphlet disseminated by the Party 
advertises a "Brotherhood Nigger-Talk Dictionary" compiled by the ANP 
"as a public service" for parents whose children are attending integrated 
schools. "There is even a section of this handy brotherhood-dictionary 
explaining how to be tactful about inter -racial love. " 

Inside this pamphlet is a drawing of a "Familiarization Kit" 
whose contents include such odious items as "SELECTED ROCKS carefully 
balanced and weighted for breaking out school windows, " "PACK OF 
MARIJUANA reefer cigarettes for smoking at interracial orgies, etc. ," 
"SWITCHBLADE KNIFE lightning fast, extra-long blade for stabbing 
students," and "SPANISH FLY powerful aphrodisiac for slipping into 
girl-friend' s whisky or wine . " 

Another offensive piece of ANP propaganda is a printed ticket 
called "Coon-Ard Lines, Boat Ticket to Africa. " This is a favorite with 



i"P & 

ANP members and is disseminated frequently; The ticket entitles 
"one Nigger to: Free trip on a Luxury Liner, with. . .All the bananas 
and choice cuts of Missionary desired. . . . Barrel of axle grease for 
hair. Delicately scented with nigger-sweat. Free jar of meat 
tenderize r. . . . Chicken coop and Watermelon patch on deck. . . . Plenty of 
Wine, marijuana, heroin and other refreshments. " 

A similar bit of abhorrent ANP propaganda entitled 
"Fabulous Benefits of the Jew Communist Traitor* s Surrender Pass" 
has been circulated. "This PASS entitles the Jew traitor to the 
following benefits," such as "to be gassed toward the very last. . . . 
Autographed copy of 'What a Shock 1 ' by Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg 
to read in Gas-chamber waiting room. . . . Extra large-size, giant, j 

Kosher nose -plugs, to avoid 'that gassy odor' until the end. . . . " j 

In 1962, Rockwell, with the aid of several troopers and a ; 

decrepit printing press at Party headquarters, printed his autobiography, ; 

"This Time the World. " The book is dedicated in flowery terms to j 

Adolf Hitler and contains numerous photographs of Hitler and the 

German Army. It begins with a photograph of the author in his 

Naval Commander's uniform and is full of "honest little confessions 

of human foibles" which the author believes "will make it difficult 

later on to establish the political legend about my person which 



&Gti > .,-g AkJaaftsVtUrt'-teSh..- 


of the 
flew ^arnmufUdSi^uto^ & 
SPutoendet 8bu 

Tftaa t AM aattUat tbt J#w traitor to Ik* 
]» To ba «»*aad toward tbt vary **t 


|o raad to Gaa-cbfcabar mltiac room. 

, toawadtbat 

4. fetra fcrft-ataa, flast, Koabar 


1. lactam MOBSL atrrictl (Patnlaaa, niMp«l)Owlfc*illiw» 

tbt catttac aad throw *«ay tbt Jaw. 
4. MMt«rBoUr«a>dplctoi«arpU«or**«M4J««r*tokM*»tlBOM* 

Chamber tor tbmt "tofttbaroaaa** fa«Ua| aa you go. 

t. Tow CKHCt of Wmuk "paframa* of chambtr m«aic, feaa-chaabar, 
that la) vtatU wa art drlttat oft to Happy Hwottn*; Groaada; 
a. Batmy Goodman playlaf **Tbart U No Tomorrowl" 
bw fcammy Da*J »ti*ti* "Tfbo'a Sorry Wow?" . ._.,.. 

c Harry Goktea tas-daoetoc to It Oaly Buna For a Uttit WhUtP* 
d. MortSabl doiaf tbt rwttt to "WbarVa TDK How?*' 

MMBafBERl All Jaw traitor* tattaf advaaUft of tbt Sorrtodar Paaa 
will be todc ad, prior to faaaiac, at tbt tabulooa otw Miami Batch bo- 
tola Tbt Aatehwltt Ami ox Tht Cfaambart. And vbllt at tbaa* port 
toabar baavtot. bt aart to rUU the btautUul Buebtuwald Bar. Aak old 
•Vaoo". tbt Irttodly bar^tandtr, for tbt ttmot» ZyUoa-B taataUl IT* 
aOuiR! Alaoaotttl>tlO(«a^bard«cor;ailtba»aaUtotbtraat* 
rooma at Ibt AoacbwiU Arma aod Tba Cbambara art asqidaltaly da- 
tipadlatbtabaptofStaraofDavld] OocomlortabU bat a»ropri*a! 

a^c* &?ss & sa^; t^ 

lew ^c^m4fi€€f^t ^^i^ 4 

J*jgg^g£ !TZZ?*ZL?£uZ WSXZ S^JETtoR to*w «- anttt. ^ torn aair, , fc -mi. 
ir. mum t»t Mwr » * ,u, - u ^~* *--- ■ .^'. — --—^ #to i, ,in r u UUtoj fMi w* torto* torn to ut 70U1 w 


to to— tor to* tp Ve l Tir y>y »m >«m« h wUcrti. 

M "Wto*to»urir tour «, »to w tew *om •wry kM tf *nr *•- 

am«flMiia««Mtin|,n«Haiiiiii 'I ^^ ^^^ ^ |^^ tor »» tpwiae »«»om •! »*ltt* » wm 

fttLL cowrtttiow 

<TIW SMI kt ««M« MM faTMto hH «U1 M *MK«) 

l» aatrt i*» — * h»rt> , *mKi% iteil 1« I tew tow 
Mtoiwir«M«* «r ESaSi trftKar le AAtrtta, tot >r«um 

«Smtoltm«rt m mmrtmur. Mif-*l«— r,. HmrttolM 1 

MJtor i» AAtitcik tot trwun «• * amvtnMar, I *lw «tMt ttot to 4*m to< 

raanPMtnu,-!. tojwtoatol *toi«U)« M*tr%*wr, «M*^n«to V 

ttwtttoi «*lMt DwAftoa to «tototiM * tt* U. a. tmmc* Aa««u te«. 

ffgJT^S^lSSRiBS-K^ ^!toitfli(nato^-^-l««ISr»M..I*Ulto*«to 

!SSitirSJ^iL2^CIr^^^ MW«ttof«yto*totefc^l»rtw«.ttotttoltoA»to»1tofn»ltoj« 

S^j'^^SS^r^ - ^^^ 125?«^r ISUt'^to'^totto^Sa^ 

STSt«*Z7o«^-ttUtoi»to^a*«toai«r«tor*toi»toitt, «i«to n m aw - aw tow to— mna i l to tm m mu to*-. 

aTpuJtf «-7o«mm «uitototo*to4 - fiitowttirtot'to 
ar uTitoto KtoWtot into* Mto to *«• to fcUr-x. 

I tarttor Mtto, tott «tom. tort y« toi tow tow ■al i toja 
toj Met* pMtot«to pntotoUi w "tojT ato» i tto to fcatojt_«w> 

tokwaiitoi»»atoi«to.»l^«Na"»P»* 1 



Example Of ANP Humor 


. ■• - ^. y M r"- - ' fa ' .. -'" ' . 1-..----. . .--.y.>~.-- .J.Jt. .^ ■■ • -t .«.. i .^J e-t ^^..Aiife —i->> -> J 

*& be necessary to provide the White Race with the strong leadership it 
must have if White Western Civilization is to survive. " 

"The Rockwell Report, " which appears monthly or every two 
months, is a psuedo newspaper in which Rockwell comments on and makes 
predictions regarding national and international occurrences, lashes out at 
hecklers and enemies, and discusses ANP business. 

"The Stormtrooper, " a bimonthly magazine, contains articles 
regarding aspects of national and international Nazism and feature articles 
containing scurrilous squibs about Jews and Negroes, 
c. Distribution 

ANP literature turns up in almost all areas of the country. It is 
placed under windshield wipers, handed to pedestrians, mailed to teen-agers, 
passed out during demonstrations, or disseminated in other ways to the 
public. ANP literature has been distributed in such places as Las Cruces, 
New Mexico; Severna Park, Maryland; Hot Springs, Arkansas; and 
Livingston, Montana. In February, 1965, pamphlets emanating from the 
ANP were found tucked in books in a Lansing, Michigan, news store. 

Rockwell has utilized teen-agers to disseminate his propaganda. 
At a rally held in Springfield, Massachusetts, in October, 1962, three 
young boys and a girl placed anti-Semitic, anti -Negro literature on the 
windshields of about 30 cars. 



2. Demonstrations 

a. Picketing 

Demonstrations are one of the numerous ways in which 
Rockwell not only propagates his hate but receives much desired 
publicity. The most common method of demonstrating is the picket 
line. The visits of foreign dignitaries, the showing of films such 
as "Exodus, " Communist Party celebrations, and civil rights 
demonstrations are but a few of the happenings which draw ANP 
picket lines. As often as possible, the White House is the spot selected 
for the picketing. 

b. Counterdemonstrations 

Rockwell keeps abreast of planned demonstrations and activities 
in the Washington area and, if there is a possibility of publicity, he sends 
ANP demonstrators to the scene either to counterpicket or to disrupt the 

V j 

event. Recently during ceremonies in Washington, D. C. , welcoming a j 

visiting African dignitary, a truck filled with black- faced, costumed j 


ANP troopers drove around the streets parallel to the parade route. i 

On January 5, 1965, Rockwell issued a press release 
announcing a contemplated ''Racial Sanity March on Harlem" in the 
Summer of 1965. The release states: "If it is legal and proper for Brooklyn 
Jews and Negroes to 'invade' Mississippi to 'educate' the citizens there, then 




Like epirltual Riant* before you - you were cursed and driven to death 

by spiritual pygmies for <*rtag to staod up fur a new and vital truth. Your 

heroic people Ike client; bound In golden chaine awl lorn between th* 

two criminal gangs <* Bolsheviks and Zionists. 

1 helped to bomb and burn millions of your brave young men. Your 

blue-eyed young mother, were raped and murdered by Soviet and 

Negro savagea. Thw million* of little blond boya and girls v.* 

loved ao well lleJmolderlng in acree of devastation and ruin. 

MiUUm. of my fellow Americana. Britiah. Trench and othera of our 

racial comrades, all a. ignorant as 1 once waa. were alaughtered and 

maimed lighting for theae eamv two filthy gangs »f Zlonieta and Bolsheviks 

The Weltfelnd criogee like the Devil at the a*n of the cross. Your 

mighty aplrlt haa inspired millions with the Holy Truth. 

From all over the earth, faintly at firat, cornea the *ound of 

marching UooU - louder and louder they grow! Lieten! They are 

singing! 'Die Fahne Hoch! Die Relhen feat geahloeseo!" 
Out of the mud and slime of Ilea, your holy, red, white and black 

Swastika has been flung bach inlo Ihe skies in 

Virginia, United States of America, and we pledge y«« mut lives. 

Aooif Hitler, that we shall not flag or fail until we shall have utterly 

destroyed the forces of Haraiem and darkness. 



Dedication Appearing in Rockwell's Autobiography "This Time The World' 



'•© ,• $ 


surely It is legal for Mississippians and other citizens of the U. S. South 
to walk the streets of Harlem to 'educate' the blacks there to American 
ways. " The release indicates Rockwell intends to ask the Attorney 
General of the United aates for protection, but if the authorities "are lax 
in enforcing our rights in Harlem, we shall be forced to do what we can 
to protect ourselves from the restless natives, and we have no intentions 
of winding up in any Harlem stew-pot. " 
c. Public Meetings and Speeches 

The open-air meeting is another favorite propaganda method. 
In March, 1960, Rockwell announced his intentions of holding weekly open- 
air meetings. Flanked by three or four uniformed storm troopers, he stood 
on a hastily constructed platform over which the ANP banner was supported 
by two American flags. These meetings were usually held during the 
spring and summer on the Mall in Washington, D. C. , and were intended to 
acquaint the public with the aims and purposes of the Party and recruit 
additional members. On occasion, the audience, though sparse, became 
violent, and a melee ensued. After more misses than hits and more 
confusion than violence, Rockwell and his disheveled troopers would, if 
not arrested for disorderly conduct, return to headquarters, where they 
exchanged lies of bravado under fire. 

- 23- 


,■■■■ *--- ■*:■ :..^ ,^^ ^ "Si^te^lAAS^Aifc^iai^ 

iP o- 

to May, 1963, Rockwell and 20 members traveled to Beading, 
Pennsylvania, where he spoke at the Bandshell In City Park. Afterward, 
carrying American and Nazi flags and wearing swastika arm bands, the 
group marched across Skyline Drive in Pennsylvania about five miles 
distant where Rockwell made an open-air speech. 

Rockwell travels extensively throughout the country. His 
itinerary for November, 1964, for instance, included appearances in 
Tulsa, Oklahoma; Dallas, Texas; Little Rock, Arkansas; Shreveport 
and New Orleans, Louisiana; Jackson, Mississippi; Birmingham, Alabama; 
Nashville, Tennessee; and cities in North Carolina. 
d. Campus Appearances 

In recent years, student groups on campuses throughout the 
United States have extended invitations to controversial speakers 
representing divergent political groups in the United States. Under 
this trend, Rockwell has been tendered numerous invitations, has 
spoken at many colleges, and has received remuneration. "If I can 
win even a small group. . . in each college, I can win the youth, " 

Rockwell has said. 

Some of these invitations have been cancelled, but among 
those institutions where Rockwell has spoken are Carleton College, 
Western Washington State College, San Jose. City College, 



't .^wi frL 1 '. jfr.C'V .A-fr-i 


ANP Storm Troopers Picketing In Vicinity Of Union Square Park, 
New York City, May, 1962 


&&TM/Y ftMfa*^ 


( ') 

San Francisco State College, Stanford University, Antioch College, 
University of Chicago, San Diego State College, University of Michigan, 
Hunter College, Colorado State College, and University of Hawaii. 

Most of Rockwell's appearances are without incident mainly 
because of the precautions taken by the institutions. Audience reaction, 
however, has not always been passive. During Rockwell's talk at 
San Diego State College on March 9, 1962, eggs were thrown at the stage 
and a student came out of the audience, struck him, and broke his glasses. 

When he spoke at the University of Michigan on October 13, 1964, 
considerable heckling was done and several eggs were thrown at the stage. 
Threats of a bomb planted in the hall were received when Rockwell appeared 
on the campus of the University of Chicago in February, 1963. 

The most effective weapon of dissent uBed by college audiences 
is the silent treatments At Antioch College, Rockwell was infuriated by 
complete silence which confronted his remarks. When he finished speaking 
and asked if there were any questions, the audience rose and filed silently 
out of the auditorium. Students at San Francisco State utilized this 
technique to show their disapproval when Rockwell spoke on October 29, 1964. 
About 300 members of a Jewish group at the college wore "Star of David" 
arm bands or lapel buttons. 


; 4a 


Although Rockwell is the main representative of the ANP 

on campuses, other members have appeared. The head of the west 

coast branch of the Party, "Captain" Ralph Forbes, spoke at the 

University of California at Berkeley on May 22, 1964, before a capacity 

crowd of 6, 500. The audience, described as good-natured and 

humorous, simply laughed at his presentation. 

e. Stunts 

Publicity stunts during demonstrations are a favorite ANP 
device. In 1962, during a demonstration in front of a Washington, D. C, 
theater, a trooper dragged a Soviet flag along the sidewalk. When this 
did not get sufficient attention, the trooper bolted through the crowd 
at the entrance, threw the flag on the carpet in the lobby, and began 
tramping on it. A police officer picked up the flag, returned it to the 
trooper, and ordered him to rejoin the line. He then threw it on the 
sidewalk and stamped on it. He was placed under arrest and charged with 
disorderly conduct. 

One tried-and-true method of gaining publicity involves the 
use of handcuffs. On at least three occasions, ANP pickets have 
handcuffed themselves to the iron gates of embassies in Washington, D. C. 
It was necessary to use either wire cutters or files to extricate them. 
All were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. 



George Lincoln Rockwell Giving Talk On April 24 I960 On Mall At 
^ !tr~t and Constitution Avenue, Northwest, Washington, D. C. 


&&T w/y /twiUsfer 


- -^-iiVitfdHMiirSrfT. 

During a demonstration on Constitution Avenue in Washington, D. C. , 
in November, 1962, one ANP member went to the outer office of then 
Attorney General Robert Kennedy and handcuffed himself to a chair in the 


In March, 1965, during the civil rights demonstrations in 
Washington, D C. , one ANP member climbed a tree in Lafayette Park 
opposite the White House and handcuffed himself to a branch. The police 
broke the branch and arrested the storm trooper, charging him with 
disorderly conduct. 

On three occasions, "Storm Trooper" Andrew Chappell has made 
what are described as "hate runs. " On Sunday, March 10, 1963, wearing 
a T-shirt with a swastika sewn on it and letters reading "50 Mile Run For 
the White Race, " he ran 50 miles in 100 laps around Lafayette Park in 
Washington, D. C. The run was supposed to demonstrate the superiority of 
"Nazis over liberals, Jews and peace creeps, " and mimicked the "peace 
walks" then taking place in the United States. 

Chappell planned to run 110 miles to Richmond, Virginia, on 
April 3, 1963, carrying an application for a new charter to be delivered 
to the Virginia State Corporation Commission. 

During a demonstration at the Sylvan Theater on the Washington 
Monument grounds in July, 1964, a hushed stillness ushered in the running 





Chappell clad in track clothes. Breathlessly, he loped to the rostrum 
and announced he had completed the 110 -mile run from Richmond as a 
protest against civil rights demonstrations. Expecting to make a 
dramatic entrance before thousands of people, the panting trooper was 
somewhat disappointed at the crowd of not more than 30. Of course, 
no sightings had been reported of any runner making his way along 
the highway between Richmond and Washington. 

In May, 1961, to counteract the Freedom Riders, Rockwell 
dispatched a "hate bus" of storm troopers to New Orleans. Plastered 
with racist signs, the bus was not permitted to enter the city until the 
signs were removed. Once in the city, ANP picketing resulted in the 
arrest of the storm troopers and Rockwell, who had traveled by air. 

A similar type of this particular propaganda device was 
used recently in San Francisco, California. Using a baby -blue pickup 
truck with plywood sides sporting swastikas and signs such as "Hitler 
was right; Jew race mixing is rotten" and "America for Whites, 
Africa for Blacks, " four members of the ANP drove around the city. 
f. Disruptive Tactics 
> Disruptive tactics attain a large amount of publicity for 

the ANP. In September, 1962, an ANP member, attending a meeting 
\ of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Birmingham, 

- 28- 


General View Of Mall At 9th Street And Constitution Avenue, Northwest, 
Washington, D. C. Preparatory To Rockwell's Talk On April 24, 1960 


&&f CSfy /MflABte 

, I--.- «, ., - , r i - 1 - •"V ■ ■ * "• -•- , ' tv - V '-"^ '-^ ^'' --^ - ■ ■■■a-'fa^'- : ^.-^.* fc. *Aue£- 

Alabama, left his seat, went onto the stage, and struck the speaker, 
Dr. Martin Luther King. The trooper received 80 days in jail for this 


During meetings in June, 1964, at the National Theater in 
Washington, D. C. , sponsored by the Student Nonviolent Coordinating 
Committee, a civil rights group, concerning the Mississippi racial 
situation, an ANP member ran up on the stage and began singing ANP songs. 
He was literally dragged off the stage by police officers. 

On June 18, 1964, an 18-year-old ANP trooper suddenly jumped 
up from a seat in the United States Senate Gallery and began waving a Nazi 
flag and shouting protests against passage of the civil rights legislation. 
He was removed by Capitol police and taken to a hospital for psychiatric 

On January 4, 1965, a member of the ANP, wearing black 

. i- 
leotards, blackface make-up, a black top hat, and a bandana, ran onto the 

floor of the United States House of Representatives during a roll call 

shouting, 'Tse the Mississippi delegation. I demand to be seated. " He 

was obviously mocking the efforts of the predominantly Negro Mississippi 

Freedom Democratic Party to block the seating of that State's white 

Congressmen. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. 



-^—^ _m.t-* ^«r,^ -..'t^ «j ■- -li.-thfc. ^^ 

o ,9 

3. Songs and Records 
Songs and records are used by the ANP for propaganda 
purposes. The following is an excerpt from a typical song sung at 
ANP headquarters: 

"The Jews are through in 72, Parley Vous, 

The Jews are through in 72, Parley Vous! 
. The Communist Jews in graves we'll close, 

For headstones we'll stick out their nose. 

Hinkey Dinkey Parley Vous!" 

The ANP sponsors "Hatenannies, " which are musical programs. 
An advertisement for a "Hatenanny Hit Record" was recently printed by 
the ANP calling attention to the "famous country music star" guitar - 
playing Odis Cochran and "The Three Bigots" 6inging two songs entitled 
"Ship Those Niggers Back" and "We Is Non -Violent Niggers!" ' 

4. Publicity 

Publicity is the backbone 61 Rockwell's strategy and activities. 
During his speech at State University in Geneseo, New York, on 
February 4, 1965, Rockwell was questioned regarding his possible 
assassination. After hoping it would be a "clean shot, "he indicated, 
as a second thought, ..that perhaps a wound would be good, too, because 
it would garner "world-wide publicity. " 

Rockwell strives for the shocking, the repulsive, and the 
horrifying to gain public notice. Using such props as gorilla costumes, 

- 30- 


i -3 





txm$* m 10 mM* mtti (tto ttoy 
aoldoa Mki tt). io •tor^troopM 
Awdf Ctevptn pradtr dtopkytdtto 
of AMrieu Muli by 
«• arouod WuMnftoo** U- 
tejotte Park. Aodrdtdteota 
■fcjO- m tea* ri» to U*WhlteIUco. Ho 
^^" ^) pmadid out mils alter mite 

too teiwte ©* Jtw» OuU ht "eoukte't 
do *". Bo did do It, to 




The "Hate" Run 

w A-, - it...- ..J 



blackface make-up, and oversized noses, Rockwell turns his demonstrations 

into carnivals of bate. In 1960, he sent troopers dressed in ape costumes 
to picket the Washington Zoo. They carried placards reading "Free Our 
Brothers" and "We Equals Want Civil Rights. " 

Publicity is, as he said, "the life-blood of a political movement. " 
When the press ignores him, he laments the "paper curtain" and blames the 
Jews. He attempts to ensure notice by advising the press, law enforcement 
authorities, and Jewish organizations of his scheduled activities. 

Articles or statements which displease him provoke a demand 
for public apology. He is continually either threatening or instituting legal 
action. In September, 1964, he filed a $550,000 libel suit in the Federal 
Court in Birmingham, Alabama, against "an ex -chiropractor named 
Edward Fields," Information Director of the National States Rights Party, 
claiming that for more than two years Fields had "engaged in a continuing 
conspiracy to ruin him. " Rockwell earlier had attempted unsuccessfully to 
unite in principle with Fields, since the National States Rights Party is an 
extremist organization which believes in white supremacy. 

The slogans, "The Jews Are Through in 72," "Stand With Us Or 
Stand Out of Our Way," and "Communism Is Jewish," are but three of many 
used by the AN P. Rockwell relies on his artistic talents to prepare the 
offensive slogans which appear on demonstration placards. 

- 31- 

.. >„ .. ^. . - v .„_... , ,.''^>-:.tilA-^.,.J^Jv^>V>A^s., 




E. Membership 

1. Size 
It appears that ANP headquarters recently have had considerable 
I difficulty defining ANP membership. Membership was formerly divided 

between dues-paying and associate members, or sympathizers. The 
f latest determination is that regular members are those who live out- 

^ side the headquarters area and participate in any ANP activity. Storm 


j troopers are those in residence at the ANP barracks in Arlington, 

f Virginia. It should be noted, however, that Rockwell and Party literature 

f refer to participating members as troopers. 

The actual total membership of the ANP numbers below 100. 
On occasion, Rockwell explains the small membership by saying that 

f he is keeping the Party small but well disciplin ed. 'We're not a mass 

movement yet, " he concedes. 'Tm bXiilding up an officer corps of 
counter-revolutionaries. Every one of our people is required to be 
ready to die for what he believes in and might just do that, and more. 
Lots of them go to jail. Almost all of them. As a result, you don't 
find too many people who want to dabble in that kind of politics. " At 
other times, he claims a higher figure. During an answer period 
following a speech at Stanford University in November, 1964, he said, 
"We have about 700 hard core. . . Storm Troopers all over the 




^■J 1, !'■ IB' wiMlmmr 1*1 w 

^7;^V. l -^\'^ ll »Yi^WVrk>rti^K-' 

! km 



wires/ V/ *t**m 


OsTearsdny. *»«* ••*• HW ' • *£**£" 
.vSSSTSik place in Washington. D. C. 

iKAU?arty, *"" " 

Krieas Masts' 

arty, i.* »4»TUgg«mporr~; 

'.All. the crimUaJ Xioni .t piot- 
f, t« Gurion. was Inside •/^•J.TSfil 
r -mp* into H^fc"*' * lartk * 
^..ioaVleading to World War III! 

•Uriag swastika armbands as* earrrlag 
„ rtd lad white and black •^••^ x "?~* 
£ *t swastika, she Commander and the 
„»r* defied mob. of hysterical, screaming 
^Communists and Zionists, and ft**** 
rt as HaZIS in front of the building which 
\lm*$ the center of fa* Weetara World, 

Tht Jewish paper, for months, now ha*» 
, 8 ^ia7uai« h.adUa.« about .r*rf Ut- 
frJIetis/smeered oa a Fodunfcpriry by Ju- 
Kilt pranksters. 

Bttwaea grown-up American m*««. pro 
tuioaaiW organised iato a REAL Naai Party 
Irfet tbt Premier of Israel at the White- 
st to the Capital of the United Statas 1th 
*iu?tti-in-eamest, -the Jewieb "Paper- 
-yrttu" of Iron pros, control clamp, down 
pi. Tat news got on the wire. *nd oven on 
> TV lot a» hour or so. bat tt wti ruthlee.- 
uitod off when the big Jew. heard about itl 
k iott of the Jew publicity lor the swastika. 
it to frighten the little Jaw. into big contri- 
i:*at for "deien.e" and to further oppre*. 
*iur» Germany, -*y publicising nocturnal 

boy Nasi, with paint bucket, and a de.ire to 

be "naughty* 1 . The Jew aim wa. HOT to give 
any publicity to real Nasi., to help th.m grow 
aa all publicity ahray. help, matter how 
they smear ua. lie or. ridicule us, but to blow 
«p a false and empty Nasi "threat**. 

For the first time in over forty years, 
the Jew. are discovering that their triad and 
true tactic, of lie., terror, agitation of inno- 
cent duoee. and manipulation of the mas. mind 

are no longer any match for White Men whose 
patience i. exhausted; who are fanatically de- 
termined to destroy the illegal tormentors by 
a combination of all-out and heroic ATTACK 
within the framework of abeokitc legality, and 
precise exploitation of the Aryan-blind Jewish 
mentality. Our success may bejudttd from the 
act that although our activities would make i- 
deal material with which to scare the Jew. out 
of bigger contributions, they don H dare MEN- 
T10N i " ^ * *" -" 

.because the BIG Jew. ARE .cared! 


aftUMVTOit, v*_ *»rch ?5 W-fefl 

AlffiRICAU »A2I P ARTY tT.lnftnln RftCKirrM) 

■.— ^ entire 

0P8 worth Randolph Straat 

fchwrfhtti Wlw Wi pmm 

Offl e «s (p olitical hssdouart«rsl h TlTlng 
tartar.. »0 ASSEMBLY 

[Nati PartvGet* . , ^ mmm 
I iriinfilan Permit l t «••!*•"•*• 

e* h. *•*- 



S 0« 


Another miraculous Unk in the growing 
chain of evidence that the greet. White Christ- 
ian majority of America is at last fed up with 
the arrogant tyranny of the Jewish conspira- 
tors and their Negro tools is reproduced at 
the left. In spite of s norm out pressure by the 
fanatical advocates of "tolerance", "brother- 
hood" and "free speech", the State Govern- 
ment in Virginia recognised our careful com- 
pliance with the laws and regulations, and is- 
sued us a permit for our Nasi Headquarters, 
exactly as they would to any other law-abid- 
ing organisation. The day. when only Jews, 
Negroes and Rsds could get such right, are 
OVEFi The White Man 1. FIGHTING BACK! 


AMtxiCM NAZfPAxry 


W/iite Wan/ Stand and f/ght for survival with 
us or stand out of our way/ 


on the 
D.C. XUU. every Sigo-, 
;9thii Const. Ave, 2i rM 


*ANP Throwaway 

%0sT dofy AryA\MSCer 

, t : v;v.^tti£ft&tf. 

country. . . .But in addition to that I have about 12,000 people who actively 
sympathize, write to us and sometimes help us. In addition to that. . . I 
think there are about 10 million Americans that are mighty grateful that 
we are operating. " 

2. Types Attracted 

The ANP has especial attraction for the school dropouts, the 
failures, the misfits, the mentally ill, and the potentially violent. Almost 
all of the troopers are below thirty years of age. Many have but an 
elementary education. The majority have attended from one to three years 
of high school. Some have attended colleges and universities, but only a 
few have obtained degrees. 

A sampling of the backgrounds given on 19 applications reveals - 
that 13 applicants have arrest records for such charges as disorderly 
conduct, assault, carrying dangerous weapons, attempted rape, armed 
robbery, and burglary. 

Of the 19, eight have a history of mental disorders. One was 
categorized as "a victim of paranoia with systematized delusions of 
persecution. " Another suffered from "acute paranoid schizophrenic 
reaction. " A psychiatric examination revealed another to be an "anxious, 
tense male evidencing poorly controlled hostility./* One individual stated 
on his application that the reason for his dishonorable discharge from the 

- 33 - 





United States Army in the Korean War was "disobeying orders and 

taking it upon myself to exterminate prisoners when captured. " 

In the Fall of 1961 , three members of the ANP were 
arrested and charged with carnal knowledge of minors. All were 
involved with underaged girls who had been frequenting ANP 
headquarters in Arlington. 

Although Rockwell speaks against "queers, " there is 
evidence that some homosexuals have sought refuge in the ANP. Some 
members on the west coast, including former leader Leonard Hoist e in, 
were accused of homosexual activities. Recently, a member of the 
Party directed a letter to Rockwell complaining of the homosexual 
activities of "top men in the ANP" and threatening to resign in the - 
absence of official action. He stated he could tolerate the reputation 
of being a fascist but could never tolerate an association with "queers. " 

There has been no indication, however, that Rockwell 
himself has homosexual tendencies. 

3. Reasons for Joining 

Under the section on the ANP application entitled "Reason 
for Joining, " one applicant stated, '1 want a mighty nation united 
under the philosophy that might makes right and weaklings are a social 

- 34- 


:-' j., ; ?% w .'..;.^rtii. 


■ . ,. .•■-■A.- jinn' r^ffflf-fVrt'*- 

"Hate Bus" Sent To 
New Orleans, Louisiana, 
May, 1961, As Counter- 
Demonstration To Freedom 
Rider 6. 


&& /Mitiste 

, ■^.y | ..-"a,oh.J4Aa>iaiL'itafel 



9 . 

Another wrote, '1 love my God, my family and my white brothers 
everywhere. To the enemies of these I pledge total destruction. " One 
applicant joined the ANP to save the "white race from mixing themselves to 
death. " Another joined "because I'm a Nazi at hart. " One wanted to join 
"to fight Jewry, communism, capitalism, socialism, syndicalism, satinism, 
immorality and race mixing. " "Capitalism and Communist and Jews, " 
wrote another "at least and are for them seft only. Only is a socialists 
state do we have everyone in mind. . . . " . 

4. Teen-agers 

Although the minimum age for membership in the ANP is 18, one 
of the ANP' s main target groups is the teen-ager, for Rockwell has 
persistently attempted to gain a following among high school youths. 

Many of the teen-agers who manifest an interest in the ANP show 
distinct signs of mental instability or illness. A 17 -year -old Utah youth who 
was interested in the ANP was described as being "high strung" and as 
having attempted suicide in the past. A 15 -year -old Oklahoma youth who 
rented a post office box in the name of the ANP was described as introverted, 
studious, intelligent, and antisocial. 

In May, 1963, four Long Island youths, armed with a submachine 
gun, shot up their high school and the home of a teacher who had given 
three of them poor grades. All had visited Rockwell's headquarters in 



h -^. «y^ V .V& £&ifcigSfc& 


Arlington, Virginia, and bad taken some literature. When arrested, 

police found in one home an arsenal and quantities of Nazi hate 

... i 


In September, 1964, a 16-year-old in North Carolina made 
an effort to join the ANP. This boy had been under the care of a 
psychiatrist who considered him potentially dangerous and in need of 


A juvenile in Florida, suspected by the local police of 
slashing women's undergarments on clotheslines, was in correspondence 
. with Rockwell. He made the comment to his friends that the Nazis 
know how to kill Jews and he wanted to kill Jews also. 

5. Women 
Women take no active part in the ANP. In the Program of 
the World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists, it is stated 
categorically that the "disruptive doctrines of a false 'equality'-- 
meaning sameness with men" will be eliminated from our civilization 
when the Nazis take over. At one time, Rockwell indicated that he 
was going to establish a "Naziette's Branch" to be called the "Shower 
Troopers, " but nothing ever came of it. Although a few females have 
been listed as members, they have never been appointed to positions 
of importance in the Party. The only woman known to work on 
ANP premises is Rockwell's personal "secretary. " 
\ -36- 



■:■>.•*- ^.j: — ^> n^rV 



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try music star, Odis Cochran and the Three Bigots. "WE 
IS NON-VIOLENT NIGGERS" is on the other side of this 45- 
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I and is guaranteed to set you humming the catchy tunes and 
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play "Hatenanny" and watch the coons bead for the moon ! 
.... Listen to these "rave" notices: "Terrible! VILE!" 
..Martin Luther Coon; "Will ruin integration! "..Lyndon 
Baker Jenkins ; . . "Don't ship them back here !". . African Ape, etc. New 
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HATENANNY RECORDS. Box 5505. Arlington. Virginia. 

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NAME (Please PRINT) 

% in fuU payment,(ac $ 1 per record, 6 for $ 5. 00.) I under- 

stand "HATENANNY" is fully guaranteed, and, if I am not fully satisfied, 
I can return the record or records for instant cash refund. 

Advertisement For ANP Recordings 

m )-*'"j%'^'&*&£- 

F. Organization 

1. National Headquarters 
Under a court order initiated by Harold Noel Arrowsmith, Jr. , 
in September, 1958, Rockwell was evicted from 6512 Williamsburg 
Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia, in June, 1959. He lived in temporary 
quarters until January 11, 1960, when the ANP rented a building at 
928 North Randolph Street, Arlington, ostensibly for $160 a month. This 
property was purchased on January 7, 1960, for $21, 500 by Floyd Fleming, 
a Rockwell associate and sympathizer, and his wife Emma. When Rockwell 
and Fleming are getting along, the ANP reportedly has these quarters rent free, 
but when any difficulty arises between the two, Fleming charges Rockwell 
monthly rent. This address is currently the National Headquarters of the ANP. 

In the Spring of 1961, the ANP occupied an additional residence 
at 6150 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia, which is located about 
three miles from the Randolph Street building. The house, in a chronic 
state of disrepair, is situated out of view on a lot totaling 26 acres. Besides 
being a barracks for ANP storm troopers, it is used for sleeping quarters 
and some office work. It is also the site of open, weekly meetings of the ANP. 
The owner of this property has permitted the ANP to occupy it to protect it 
from destruction by vandals and to force county authorities to rezone it for a 
high-rise apartment project "just to get rid of Rockwell. " When Rockwell 
was unable to meet the monthly rental of $225, the owner signed a 
rental agreement with him whereby he would pay the sum of $1. 00 per month. 


- \r,^k^iAJ\k 



Because of the undesirability of the present tenants, it is periodically 
? inspected by county authorities as a potential health hazard. 

2. National and State Officers 
* The following individuals are considered national officers of the ANP: 

r George Lincoln Rockwell, Self-styled National 


j. • ..-•■•. 

t Alan J. Welch, Lieutenant Colonel and Deputy National 

' Commander 

t Matthias Koehl, Jr. , Major and National Secretary 

Robert Allison Lloyd m, Captain and Chief of 
Security and Operations 

| John Patter, Captain and Officer in Charge of 

k Printing 

! There are no state officers as such in the ANP; however, Rockwell 

I has appointed individuals in different localities to act as the persons in charge 

L of local units. i- 

3. Nationwide Units 
a. General 

The ANP's major units in the United States, in addition to national 
headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, are centered in San Francisco and Glendale, 
California; Chicago, Illinois; and Dallas, Texas. Supporters of Rockwell's view 
and some independent groups who call themselves Nazis exist in many other citic 


L st